HeadDEFENDER Airplane Headrest Cover Review

Have you ever wondered, as you leaned against your headrest in an airplane, what your head is touching? Who sat there last, and what did they leave behind: hair oils or greasy hair products, sweat, dandruff? Yuck! Enter, the HeadDEFENDER, a headrest cover that destroys disease-causing microbes.

I only fly a few times a year, but I rent a car often, and I’ve thought the same thing about rental cars. Who was in here last, and what did they leave behind? So when I was asked to review the HeadDEFENDER headrest cover, developed for airplane headrests, I hoped it would work for car headrests, too. I tested it on five occasions. Here is my synopsis:

Head DEFENDER on headrest

HeadDEFENDER self-contained pouch

The HeadDEFENDER comes in a self-contained zip-up pouch, eliminating the possible loss of a separate pouch.


Ease of use

The HeadDEFENDER is easy to use. Simply unzip and slip over the headrest. It stretches to fit almost any size headrest and includes a drawstring tightening cord for narrower headrests. It fit every seat I tried it on, which were mostly various rental cars. I did use it a couple of times when I flew on Southwest Airlines. The HeadDEFENDER didn’t fit the headrest as perfectly as it does in their ads, but it filled the need.

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I admit I’m not the greatest packer (my husband refers to me as Connie Cram-It), but the HeadDEFENDER really is easy to repack. Just tuck it back into the self-contained pouch and zip it up. The double zipper pulls helps.

Ease of transporting

The HeadDEFENDER is completely flexible and when packed in the pouch measures only 4” by 10”. It’s small enough to easily slip into a tote or backpack, or fold it in half to tuck it into a pocket or smaller purse.

HeadDEFENDER in purseFolded HeadDEFENDER


The HeadDEFENDER has an integrated antimicrobial barrier that “destroys 99.9% of the disease causing microbes, including MRSA and Staph.” Not being a scientist, of course I have no way to test that. For me, simply having a shield between my head and a germ-laden headrest is satisfying enough. The HeadDEFENDER disease-fighting technology is so impressive, it was awarded a Gold Medal at the 2015 Invention and New Product Expo.


The HeadDEFENDER is machine washable and dryable. The integrated antimicrobial barrier is supposed to last through at least 30 washings.


  • Puts a barrier between your head and the headrest
  • Easy to slip on and tuck away again in its pouch
  • Compact and lightweight (about 5.44 ounces according to my kitchen scale)
  • Destroys disease-causing microbes

This was intended to be a section of pros and cons, but I honestly couldn’t come up with any negative points about the HeadDEFENDER. The only problem I’ve had is remembering to remove it. I almost left it in rental cars a couple of times.

Where to purchase the HeadDEFENDER

HeadDEFENDER is sold through Amazon.

Disclosure: By purchasing the HeadDEFENDER through this link I will receive a small commission, at no additional cost to you. I received a complimentary produt. However, other than any commission I may receive for sales, I have not received any monetary compensation.


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