Books authored by Midwest travel writers

100 Things to Do in Omaha Before You Die

Authors: Tim & Lisa Trudell

Omaha is often called the best-kept secret in the United States. Once they’ve been there, visitors tend to fall in love with the city and its people. Omaha is famous for its great steaks and being the home of Warren Buffett, the billionaire ”Oracle of Omaha.” Referred to as the Gateway to the West, Omaha has so much to offer, from history, hiking, and an exciting local beer scene to great food. We take you on a tour of the city’s unique and interesting sites and include some fun facts and helpful tips. During our travels, we’ll share where to take on the challenge of eating a six-patty burger with all the toppings, where to find the home of blown glass art, and where to see some of the fastest planes in the world. 100 Things to Do in Omaha Before You Die travels around Omaha to reveal the beauty and diversity of a growing city. Whether you grew up in Omaha, call yourself an Omahan now, or are just passing through, this book will make you stop and say, ”I didn’t realize that was in Omaha.”


Detour Nebraska: Historic Destinations & Natural Wonders

Author: Gretchen M. Garrison

For many, Nebraska is the flat prairie seen from the interstate. Yet with the Sandhills, bluffs and river valleys, the state has an abundance of riches. The heritage of early settlers is evident. Fort Kearny and Chimney Rock were pioneer harbors. The Fur Trade Museum and the Homestead Monument of America tell of those who came to make a life. Carhenge is a nationally known treasure. The Joslyn Art Museum features world-class art, and the Nebraska National Forest is the largest hand-planted forest in the nation. Native Nebraskan Gretchen Garrison details the places and people that make the Cornhusker State unique.


Holy Rover: Journeys in Search of Mystery, Miracles, and God

Author: Lori Erickson

From her childhood on an Iowa farm, Lori Erickson grew up to travel the world as a writer specializing in holy sites–journeys that led her on an ever-deepening spiritual quest. In Holy Rover, she weaves her personal narrative with descriptions of a dozen pilgrimages.

Her trips give Erickson the chance to reflect on her Lutheran upbringing, her flirtation with Wicca, and her admiration for Tibetan Buddhism. A trip to the healing shrine of Lourdes is intertwined with the story of her son’s serious illness as a baby, while visiting Thoreau’s Walden Pond blends with ruminations on being a writer.

Along the way, Erickson encounters spiritual leaders who include the chief priest of the Icelandic pagan religion of Asatru, a Trappist monk at Thomas Merton’s Gethsemani Abbey, and a Lakota retreat director at South Dakota’s Bear Butte.

Both irreverent and devout, Holy Rover includes images of holy sites around the world taken by several of the nation’s leading travel photographers.

Travel writer, Episcopal deacon, and author of the Holy Rover blog at Patheos, Erickson is an engaging guide for pilgrims eager to take a spiritual journey. Her book describes travels that changed her life and can change yours, too.


Secret Cleveland: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure

Authors: Deb Thompson and Tonya Prater

Take a journey to explore hidden nooks and crannies, that you never knew existed in Cleveland, without leaving your home. Haunted locales, “World’s largest”, odd sights, noteworthy inventions, unique foods and more exist among the pages of Secret Cleveland: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful and Obscure. Discover where you can:•find a cure for your cravings •see a weeping angel•visit Lake Erie whales•walk in the footsteps of giants•take a bridge to nowhere•explore roadside attractions•visit the crypt of an ex-president•learn about a misplaced historical markerIf you dare, take a leap down rabbit holes you never knew existed as you tour through ninety often overlooked gems in the greater Cleveland area. From bizarre to funny to surprising, you’ll learn what makes Cleveland such a diverse and interesting destination to visit or call home. Never a boring moment, Secret Cleveland is a literary trip that will keep you wondering what you’ll discover on the next page as it walks you through attractions in Greater Cleveland, Bay Village, Lorain, and Medina, to name a few.


Between England & Iowa: A Year In The Life Of An Emigrating Wife

Author: Kylie Neuhaus

The world is so small nowadays, people are travelling all over the world and meeting people from all different nationalities and walks of life. So what happens when you fall in love with someone when you can’t legally live in the same country as each other? I decided to take a leap of faith, go through a year long visa process, give up everything I knew and loved in the UK to emigrate and start a life in the USA. In Iowa to be exact! In this memoir I document the ups and downs in an honest account of my first year of expat life. There were tears, there was laughter and an awful lot of culture shock. Who knew the winters got so cold?! When your heart is split between England and Iowa, would you have the courage to risk it all?



A Culinary History of Iowa: Sweet Corn, Pork Tenderloins, Maid-Rites & More (American Palate)

Author: Darcy Dougherty Maulsby

Iowa’s delectable cuisine is quintessentially midwestern, grounded in its rich farming heritage and spiced with diverse ethnic influences. Classics like fresh sweet corn and breaded pork tenderloins are found on menus and in home kitchens across the state. At the world-famous Iowa State Fair, a dizzying array of food on a stick commands a nationwide cult following. From Maid-Rites to the moveable feast known as RAGBRAI, discover the remarkable stories behind Iowa originals. Find recipes for favorites ranging from classic Iowa ham balls and Steak de Burgo to homemade cinnamon rolls’served with chili, of course! Author Darcy Dougherty Maulsby serves up a bountiful history of tasty tradition.



Two Lane Gems Vol. 1: Turkeys Are Jerks and Other Observations from an American Road Trip

Author: Theresa L. Goodrich

Two Lane Gems, Vol. 1 is a road trip romp from the Chicago area to San Diego and back. Theresa Goodrich grabs her laptop, her camera, and her journal and makes (asks, she means, asks) her husband, Jim, to drive 6,479.5 miles through thirteen states so she can fulfill a childhood dream.

Starting at the most important archaeological site in North America, their journey takes them through sand dunes, forests, plains, and mountains. They stayed in haunted hotels, a rustic cabin, charming bed and breakfasts, and the oldest motel in Arizona.

They also:

  • met a World War II vet
  • learned how to grow a date
  • made a wish at the Center of the World
  • drank a beer in the lowest bar in the Western hemisphere
  • toured an abandoned mountain lion zoo
  • rode a vintage train with a singing engineer
  • ate schnecks
  • touched goblins
  • did not get blown up by unexploded ordnance
  • did not kill each other

Two Lane Gems, Vol. 1 is an uplifting, inspirational, and often humorous love letter to America. From cliff dwellings to buried cars to more hoodoos than you can shake a switchback at, this tale follows their round-about journey to find the country’s treasures.


Adventures Around Cincinnati: A Parent’s Guide to Unique and Memorable Places to Explore with your Kids (2nd ed.)

Authors: Laura Hoevener and Terri Weeks

This updated and expanded bestselling travel guide is packed with detailed listings on over 120 unique destinations to discover with your family. It contains the tools you need to start a new tradition of Adventures and give your kids the gift of memories by exploring Greater Cincinnati together. You’ll want to keep this guide handy to easily find the perfect Adventure!

In this guide, you will discover:
— Over 120 kid-tested destinations within a 2-hour drive of Cincinnati, including many in Dayton
— Detailed information on every listing including age recommendations, stroller-friendliness, and the length of a typical visit
— Easy-to-read maps
— Practical considerations that moms and dads need to know
— Category table including everything from archeology to trains to hiking
— Many free and low-cost attractions
— Sample summer and year-round itineraries
— Mom-tested advice on how to travel locally with kids of all ages
— The many benefits your family will experience


Wisconsin Supper Club Cookbook: Iconic Fare and Nostalgia from Landmark Eateries

Author Mary Bergin

The supper club is a tradition and now somewhat of a phenomenon found in the Upper Midwestern states of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, and Iowa. They are so retro that they are coming back in to vogue. Travel through the Badger State and discover what made these supper clubs and the iconic fare stand the test of time. With more than 60 recipes from 40 supper clubs, Wisconsin Supper Club Cookbook will uncover the secrets to the food and the drinks that keep people coming back to these landmark eateries any time of the day.


Lost Restaurants of Omaha (American Palate)

Author: Kim Reiner

Omaha is known for its beef, but the history of its most famous restaurants goes far beyond. The French Café was the place to go to celebrate. Piccolo Pete’s, Mister C’s and Bohemian Café helped shape neighborhoods in Little Italy, North Omaha and Little Bohemia. The tales of restaurateurs like the tragic Tolf Hanson; the ever-optimistic Ross Lorello; Anthony Oddo, once a resident at Boys Town; and Giuseppa Marcuzzo, a former bootlegger, also tell the story of the city. Restaurants played a prominent role as history unfolded in Omaha during prohibition, wartime rations, the fight for equal rights and westward expansion. Author Kim Reiner details the fascinating history behind Omaha’s classic eateries.


The Milwaukee Bucket List: 101 Real Milwaukee Adventures

Author: Barbara Ali

A book featuring 101 adventures anyone can enjoy doing in Milwaukee. This will take you to the core of what Milwaukee has become. People may be surprised to learn that Milwaukee is more than beer and sausage. You will explore the city and its eclectic neighborhoods, learn about its history, have fun experiencing theater, ethnic grocers, and art. Foodies will love the local chocolate, coffee, restaurants and brewery tours. There’s plenty for everyone who enjoys the outdoors too. Fly a kite. Kayak the rivers. Go fishing. Bike along the waterfront. You will get to know Milwaukee as you check off your bucket list!

The Great Plains Guide to Custer: 85 Forts,  Fights, & Other Sites

Author: Jeff Barnes

  • Guide to forts, military posts, battlefields, and other sites that interpret George Armstrong Custer’s decade of operations on the Great Plains
  • Locations in Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Montana
  • Extended section on Little Bighorn
  • Each entry includes directions, amenities, contact information, and recommended reading


The Great Plains Guide To Buffalo Bill: Forts, Fights & Other Sites

  • Guide to residences, forts, battlefields, and other sites that interpret Buffalo Bill’s life on the Great Plains
  • Locations in Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Wyoming
  • Helpful maps pinpoint locations
  • Dozens of photographs from both past and present
  • Includes directions, visitor information, related sites, and recommended reading