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Exploring the Kansas Gunsmoke Trail in Wichita

Experience the Kansas Gunsmoke Trail in Wichita! Explore Old Cowtown Museum, marvel at Keeper of the Plains, and stroll historic Old Town.

Exploring the Kansas Gunsmoke Trail in Dodge City

Experience the Wild West on the Kansas Gunsmoke Trail in Dodge City. Visit Boot Hill Museum, walk the Trail of Fame, and so much more.

Exploring the Kansas Gunsmoke Trail in Hays

Visit Historic Fort hays, see a bison herd, limestone sculptures and more Old West attractions on the Kansas Gunsmoke Trail in Hays.

Exploring the Kansas Gunsmoke Trail in Abilene

Experience the Old West on the Kansas Gunsmoke Trail in Abilene. "Wear" the world's largest belt buckle, visit Old Abilene town, and much more!

Wild West Wichita Comes Alive at Old Cowtown Museum

1860s Wichita springs into life at Old Cowtown Museum, with over 60 buildings, interactive exhibits, and historical re-enactments.

The Keeper of the Plains and Mid-America All-Indian Center

The Keeper of the Plains sculpture by Blackbear Bosin stands as Wichita's iconic symbol, embodying Native American Culture. The museum includes more art by Bosin and other Native American artists.

Time Travel at The Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum

Explore Wichita's vibrant history from Wild West to Air Capital in a journey through time at the Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum.

Boot Hill Museum: Discover the Wild West Legacy

Explore Dodge City's Wild West legacy at Boot Hill Museum. Experience interactive exhibits, over 60,000 artifacts, season gunfights and more.

Home of Stone: The Mueller-Schmidt House – A Living Heritage

Discover the Mueller-Schmidt House: Dodge City's only limestone building, rich in history from 1879. A tale of two families and perhaps lingering spirits.

Boot Hill Distillery: Soil to Sip in a Historical Location

Enjoy an adult beverage at Boot Hill Distillery in Dodge City, Kansas, a farmer-owned, soil-to-sip distillery in a historical location.

Historic Fort Hays: Tracing the Footsteps of Frontier Defenders

Step back into mid-1800s life at Historic Fort Hays, from officers' quarters to guardhouse jail. Explore daily life of a frontier soldier.

Cowtown to Carousels: Explore the Dickinson County Heritage Center

Discover the Dickinson County Heritage Center: Ride the oldest operating C.W. Parker carousel, explore early Abilene buildings and Old West life.