Discovery World: Fun Learning for Kids of All Ages

Continuous learning is a concept that I embrace. To keep my mind healthy and to keep up with the world, I like to constantly learn new things. One way to make learning fun for people of all ages is by visiting museums, especially those loaded with hands-on activities, like Discovery World in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Although a lot of the museum exhibits at Discovery World are geared toward kids, they’re fun for adults, too. I visited the museum on a weekday afternoon when kids were in school and past the time there would have been school field trips there. With only a few children in the museum, I could satisfy my inner child, entertaining myself with hands-on activities without feeling guilty about taking an opportunity away from a child.

Discovery World Exhibits

At the Great Lakes Future exhibit, the skies darken and it begins to rain at the press of a button. Nearby water exhibits cover multiple fresh water topics, from water purification to measuring the amount of water in your body.

Discovery World, Great Lakes Future exhibitMoving on to another water exhibit, the Reiman Aquarium includes ten tanks, each with a different focus. The 75,000 gallon Lake Michigan tank includes 15 fish species found in the lake, such as Bluegill and Walleye. The Caribbean walk-through tunnel tank showcases 16 salt water fish species, including French Angelfish and Porcupine Puffer Fish.

Reiman Aquarium, Discovery WorldWalk through aquarium tunnelIn the Underwater Labs exhibit, I couldn’t resist checking out the naval vessel periscope.

periscope at Discovery CenterAt the Milwaukee Muscle exhibit I played with some pulleys that demonstrate how heavy lifting is made easier. I wasn’t the only adult at “play” in that area. I came across another couple in what looks like giant gerbil wheels that generate electricity through foot power.

Generating Power at Discovery WorldI did feel kind of silly when I climbed down the ladder into the hold of the 85% replica of the 1800s Great Lakes schooner Challenge. The preschoolers playing down there gave me an odd look, like I was infringing on kid territory. The hull was kind of a claustrophobia-inducing tight squeeze better left for kids.

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In the Music Factory exhibit, my competitive side challenged the computers to a sorting contest. I lost.

Discovery World sorting competitionWhile the purpose of the Les Paul exhibit is to teach sound-related science, for adults it’s more of a nostalgia trip. Wisconsin-native Les Paul was a pioneer of the solid-body electric guitar. Besides hands-on exhibits like touch-screen software that allows you to mix and blend music, the exhibit includes a lot of Les Paul memorabilia.

Less Paul memorabilia, Discovery WorldLes Paul Exhibit - 2

If you visit Discovery World

I spent about two hours in Discovery World and didn’t have time to see all of the exhibits. If you go, plan to spend at least a half day.

Discovery World, located at 500 N Harbor Drive in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is open Tuesday through Sunday (closed Mondays). Check the web site for hours, admission rates and special event schedule.

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Disclosures: My visit to the Discovery World was hosted by Visit Milwaukee and the Discovery World. My admission was complimentary, but any opinions expressed in this post are my own.
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