Eagle Watching on the Mississippi Flyway

It’s eagle watching season. As the weather becomes colder and bald eagles migrate south down the Mississippi Flyway, people travel to those same places in hopes of catching a glimpse of the national bird. Some of the best places to eagle watch are near locks and dams along the Mississippi River, where water continues to run and eagles can feed on fish

Cities all along the Mississippi River embrace eagle season, celebrating with festivals and welcoming visitors.

Eagle Watching in Alton Illinois

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Best places for eagle watching

Quad Cities

Arsenal – Lock and Dam 15
Arsenal – Visitor Information
Eagle Watching on the Mississippi – Rock Island District
Bald Eagle Activity Guide
Where to see Bald Eagles Map – Quad Cities

Alton Illinois area

Alton Audubon Eagle Ice Festival
Eagles in Alton
2019 Eagle Guide
Riverlands Migratory Bird Santuary
Pere Marquette State Park
Two Rivers National Wildlife Refuge
Brussels Free Ferry access to Refuge – Service may be affected by weather conditions. Info 618-786-3636
TreeHouse Wildlife Center

Utica – Northcentral Illinois

Starved Rock State Park – A day trip from the Chicago area
Starved Rock Lock & Dam

Other Eagle watching locations and information

National Eagle Center
Upper Mississippi River Bald Eagle Facts
Dubuque Bald Eagle Watch – January 19, 2019
35th Annual Clinton Bald Eagle Watch – January 5, 2019
Muscatine Bald Eagle Watch – January 26
Quincy Bald Eagle Watch – Saturday, January 26 & 27

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2 thoughts on “Eagle Watching on the Mississippi Flyway

  • January 18, 2019 at 7:39 pm

    We do this every year in Alton! It’s a really unique combination of people who are very skilled bird watchers sharing their hobby and skills with newbies. Lots of people come out and we have always had luck spotting at least one eagle!

    • January 19, 2019 at 11:34 pm

      How fun to go eagle watching as a group! Alton has so many places you can go to look for eagles.


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