Kenosha Charter Boat Fishing Excursion: No Experience Needed

A while back, the folks at Visit Kenosha asked if Skip and I would like to go on a Kenosha Charter Boat Association fishing excursion on Lake Michigan. My answer was, it sounds like fun but I haven’t fished since I was in high school. Even then, someone else baited the hook.  They assured me I needed no experience at all. So, yeah, sign me up!

Watch the video or our adventure or read the transcript.

Disclosure: Our trip was sponsored by Visit Kenosha and the Kenosha Charter Boat Association. However, all opinions are our own.


Meet Us at the Harbor

The morning of our excursion we met at the boat harbor on Simmons island at 5:30 a.m. Three boats were part of our excursion that day. Skip and I shared a boat with another travel writer and her husband and a couple of other folks.

With everyone and all the equipment aboard, Captain Russ piloted the boat out of the harbor. Once we were out of the harbor and into open water, he and picked up speed. I love that feel of a speedboat zipping through the water. The sun mixed with a cool breeze felt on my face on this June morning.

Time to Reel Them In

After we reached the point where we’d be fishing from (I have no idea how that’s determined), Captain Russ started setting up several fishing rods, placing them into holders on the sides of the boat. Then, it was just a matter of waiting for the bobbers to indicate we had a bite. The only thing we had to do, besides enjoy the snacks and beverages brought aboard, was to reel in the fish when there was a bite.

The fish started biting before long. I was about third in line to reel a fish in. I could tell from the tension on the line the fish was surprisingly strong. So, I reeled and reeled and reeled. Finally, I could see the fish just below the water. Russ swooped in with a net when the fish came out of the water and took care of the rest. I had caught a coho salmon.

Author aboard a Kenosha Charter Boat holding a coho salmon she caught.

Enjoying Our Catch

Once all of the boats in our group were in, we headed to the Boat House Pub & Eatery. The restaurant’s chefs prepared the fish that we caught, and we enjoyed a feast. Couldn’t get any fresher than that.

A platter of cooked fish

Would I Go on Another Kenosha Charter Boat Fishing Excursion?

Would I go on another Lake Michigan fishing excursion? Absolutely.

If You Take a Kenosha Charter Boat Fishing Excursion

To find out about booking a Lake Michigan fishing excursion, contact the Kenosha Charter Boat Association. Check their website for details.

NOTE: If you suffer from seasickness, be sure to take the appropriate meds before the excursion. I felt the effects of the constant lull once we anchored at our fishing spot.

For more Kenosha adventure ideas, visit the Visit Kenosha website.

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