Martinsville Candy Kitchen, Martinsville IN: Candy Canes Made the Old Fashioned Way

Martinsville Candy Kitchen began making candy canes in 1919. Five owners and three locations later, candy canes are still made right in the store, using original equipment. If you’re lucky enough to be there during production, you can watch the process through the window at the back of the shop and smell the sweet aroma that permeates the air.

Martinsville Candy Kitchen Candy Canes

John and Pam Badger took over the reins of Martinsville Candy Kitchen on April Fools’ Day 2004.  They had no previous candy making experience, but the store, a local institution, was about to close.  So they purchased the business and trained under the previous owner to learn the techniques of candy cane making.


They enlisted John’s mom, Agnes, to make assorted chocolates during the day, but in the evenings and on weekends, especially as the calendar nears the Christmas season, John and Pam can be found in the shop pouring, pulling and shaping candy canes.  It takes three hours to make 150 six-inch canes, and for the 2012 Christmas season alone, they made 38,100 of the candies.

Making_candyCandy canes of several sizes, colors and flavors can be custom ordered.  Flavors range from fruits like strawberry and raspberry to bolder flavors like clove, licorice and cappuccino.  Around Christmas, though, only peppermint and cinnamon flavors are available, a must to keep up with holiday demand.  The candy is available in shapes other than canes, too.  Hearts are popular for Valentine’s Day and weddings, and they can even shape the candy into baskets.


If you visit Martinsville Candy Kitchen

Martinsville Candy Kitchen is located at 46 N Main Street in Martinsville, Indiana, about 30 miles southwest of Indianapolis. Check the shop’s Facebook page for further details.

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