Serenity Springs: Amazing Romantic Getaway

When was the last time you were shown to your room via horse and carriage? That’s what we experienced when we checked into Serenity Springs, the resort that specializes in romantic getaways for couples. After our driver loaded our luggage onto the carriage and we stepped aboard, Isabella, a rescued Belgian, led us through the 85 acre wooded Michigan City resort to our cabin.

Serenity Springs brings you to your cabin by horse and carriage

Our Serenity Springs cabin

We stayed in Cabin #30, the Ritz. A porter met us at the door and showed us around. True to its name, the Ritz is one of the Serenity Springs premium cabins. In fact, the newest addition of a massage chair most likely makes it the most luxurious.

Serenity Springs cabin interior

What could be more romantic than a heart-shaped whirlpool tub strategically placed in front of the gas fireplace? The heated floors invite you to kick off your shoes. And in the lake view four-seasons room, we could enjoy a gas campfire or cook on a gas grill without going out into the December air.

Serenity Springs - whirlpool and view from four seasons room

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Ours was a premium cabin, but all of the 31 Serenity Springs cabins have:

  • Whirlpool tub for two
  • Two-seated shower
  • King size bed
  • Gas fireplace
  • Satellite television
  • Air conditioning for the warmer months and heated floors in colder months
  • Surround sound entertainment and large flat-screen TV
  • Gas campfire and gas grill
  • Lake or channel frontage
  • Butler door

What is a butler door?

Since you leave your car at the registration area, and there are no phones, the butler door serves as your means of communicating with the front desk—and more. The butler door is a compartment that’s accessible from inside your cabin and from the outside. If you want to borrow a DVD, for example, you look through the list of titles left in the cabin, write it on a notepad, and place the note in the butler door. Flipping a switch alerts the front desk that you need service. They pick up the note, and a few minutes later, your indicator light turns on, alerting you that there is something in the box.

Serenity Springs - Butler Door

Surprises in the butler door

Besides responding to requests, you might find occasional surprises in your butler box. Each evening we found the makings for s’mores in our butler door. Every cabin is equipped with utensils for making s’mores over your campfire or grill.

Serenity Springs - s'mores ingredients

We thought the s’mores were a real treat—until the butler door light came on again. Inside we found two slices of cheesecake. The second night more s’mores ingredients and more cheesecake were delivered.

Serenity Springs - surprise cheesecake

Later we found our continental breakfast for the next morning. Our breakfast basket included jumbo blueberry muffins, fresh fruit, and breakfast bars.

Serenity Springs - breakfast


Serenity Springs cabins all have a small dining table, microwave, and mini fridge, plus dishes, plastic ware, napkins, coffee, juice, and soft drink of your choice. There are no restaurants on the grounds. However, you can order from two local dining establishments. One of the options is Aurelio’s Pizza, a popular Chicago-area pizzeria. Since we often eat at an Aurelio’s close to home, we opted for the other choice, Decoys Neighborhood Bar & Grill.

After writing our dinner order on the supplied notepad, we put it in our butler door and flipped the service switch. A little while later, our meal was delivered to our room. Delivering meals is one of the few times Serenity Springs staff knocks at your door. They come in, set the table, and light a candle.

Serenity Springs - Candlelight dinner


Besides the meal we ordered, plus the s’mores and cheesecake surprise deliveries, we indulged in the snack basket left in our room. Unlike hotels that charge for every snack you eat, the snack basket filled with chips, candy, and snack bars is complimentary.

Relaxing and feeding the geese

We stayed in our cabin from the time we arrived on Friday afternoon until late Saturday morning. It’s unusual for us to stay put for so long, but lounging on the comfy sofa watching movies on the big-screen TV, soaking in the whirlpool, and relaxing in our four-seasons room, we were too comfortable to even want to venture outside. Well, I did go outside to feed the geese.

It began with two geese waddling out of the lake and up to our window, where they stood staring at us. The little beggars must know that Serenity Springs stocks the rooms with dried corn for feeding the waterfowl. So feeling guilty, I retrieved their feed and went outside to toss some their way. In less than a minute, the lawn outside our cabin was filled with geese and ducks begging for food.

Serenity Springs - geese

The next day, a pair of beautiful swans visited us.

Serenity Springs - geese

Massage chair

I’ve used a massage pad before, the kind that rolls up and down your back, but this was my first massage chair experience. It felt almost as good as a regular massage, rolling up the back, massaging the neck, rolling back down and under your bottom. It wraps around each leg and foot, then squeezes your feet and lets go, squeezes and lets go, like a real massage. And the same time the rollers travel up and down the bottoms of your feet.

You can choose various options, including a gentle massage or a joint massage, or you can customize your massage. In one session I spent twenty minutes just on my feet, back, and neck. My very own massage chair is now on my wish list.

Serenity Springs - massage chair

Serenity Springs activities

By Saturday morning we were ready for some outdoor air. It happened to be a 60-degree December day, so we took advantage of the nice weather. We walked to the nearest bike shed (there are two on the grounds) and borrowed bikes. We rode the around the grounds and through some of the hiking paths.

Serenity Springs - bike ride

As we rode, we passed the activity barn, so we stopped to check it out. Open to all guests, the activity barn has a bumper pool table and will soon have a ping-pong table, as well. There is also an assortment of board games in the barn, and many more board games are available in the registration office.

Serenity Springs - activity barn

During your stay you can also request a carriage ride (or a sleigh ride when there is snow on the ground). Also in snowy weather, you can borrow snow shoes or bring your own cross-country skis. The idea of a sleigh ride and snow shoes almost made me wish for snow.

Around the area

We did leave the resort twice that weekend. The first time was to drive into Michigan City. There is plenty to do in the area, including the Blue Chip Casino, Lighthouse Place outlet mall, and the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. We stopped for lunch and then explored the area for a while before heading back to the resort.

I borrowed a jigsaw puzzle from the office. I enjoy jigsaw puzzles and have several at home that I’ve never touched due to lack of time. So I took advantage of this opportunity, and yes, I did finish it before we left on Sunday morning.

On Saturday night we left the resort again to go to Michigan City’s Washington Park Festival of Lights. We like to go to a lights festival every year, so I’m glad we found this one close by.

Checking out

The night before our departure, we found a note in our butler door. Do we want an early 10 a.m. departure? Or right around 11 a.m.? Or do we want to linger as long as possible, volunteering to be one of the last to be picked up by horse-and-carriage? We chose the last option. We knew that as soon as we left, life would resume its normal hectic pace, so we may as well stay in our luxurious relaxing cabin as long as possible.

More about Serenity Springs

The perfect romantic getaway for special occasions, Serenity Springs is located at the intersection of I-94 and U.S. 35 between Michigan City and LaPorte, Indiana. Cabins sleep two people, and you must be 21 or over to stay. Besides the romantic amenities included in every cabin, you can also purchase add-on packages, like the Rose Petal Package, Birthday Package, or Wine and Cheese Package. Check rates and read TripAdvisor reviews.

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Serenity Springs


Disclosures: Our stay at Serenity Springs was hosted by Serenity Springs. Our stay was complimentary; however, any opinions expressed in this article are my own.
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6 thoughts on “Serenity Springs: Amazing Romantic Getaway

  • December 15, 2017 at 1:26 pm

    This place looks AMAZING! I love the look of the carriage ride and the little butler door and the hot tub!! How cool!!

    • December 15, 2017 at 2:42 pm

      I loved the butler door—and yes, the carriage right is great. I think keeping guests from driving through the resort (cars stay parked in the registration area) keeps noise to a minimum. It’s so peaceful there!

  • December 15, 2017 at 1:35 pm

    This looks great! I had no idea this was available in Indiana. Thanks for highlighting them!

    • December 15, 2017 at 2:39 pm

      I didn’t realize Serenity Springs existed either. It’s really an awesome place.

  • December 15, 2017 at 3:10 pm

    That cabin looks so cozy! I just love places like that. It reminds me of the cute little log house i used to live in. What a cool place to visit.

    • December 15, 2017 at 8:20 pm

      We didn’t want to leave! Serenity Springs was the most relaxing time we’ve had in a long time.


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