Riding the Family-Friendly Soaring Eagle Zip Line

We found a zip line that’s ideal for beginners, children, and the faint of heart. You wear no helmet or harness. You don’t sign a waiver acknowledging you can be killed. And it costs only five dollars to ride. The Soaring Eagle Zip Line in Mooresville, Indiana’s Pioneer Park is truly family friendly.

Soaring Eagle Zip Line, Mooresville, Indiana 1

What’s Different about the Soaring Eagle Zip Line?

The Soaring Eagle Zip Line differs from most zip lines. You sit in a molded seat, and the zip line operator straps you in. It’s one ride, not a course of several zips. And you ride in two directions. The ride pulls you back the 300-foot length and up 90 feet. You sit there for a few seconds, and then whoosh—you whiz down the zip toward the ground.

Soaring Eagle Zip Line, Mooresville, Indiana 2
Guests coming in for a landing on the Soaring Eagle Zip Line

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Our Experience on the Soaring Eagle Zip Line

I’m not a zip line beginner. I’ve zipped twice before, and both times I was scared to death. I felt relief when those zips were over, yet glad I experienced it. So when I heard you’re strapped into a seat on the Soaring Eagle, I wanted to try it.

When we got to Pioneer Park, a little boy celebrating his birthday (I’m guessing his fifth birthday) was riding the zip line. He rode three times straight, each time with a different family member. His reaction? “My eyes were scared.” Yet he wanted to do it again. So I figured if he could do it, so could I.

The operator strapped my husband and me into the seat. There are two belts. One looks like a regular seat belt. The other has a long bolt-looking fastener that locks in. But with no bar across the front, I didn’t feel totally secure. What would I grip onto? I gripped the handle cut into the side with one hand, but what to do with my other hand? I’d just have to deal with it, maybe dig my nails into my husband’s leg.

The ride started, and back we went, farther and farther, higher and higher. We stopped high over the trees, and my fear of heights kicked in. I wanted to be back on the ground. I wanted OFF! We started moving again, forward this time, down toward the ground. It was exhilarating. I was actually enjoying it—until we got just about to the end—facing a big iron beam. I knew the ride stops well before the beam, but my brain wouldn’t communicate that to my nerves. And then it was over. Would I do it again? Absolutely!

Soaring Eagle Zip Line, Mooresville, Indiana 3

Video of our Soaring Eagle Zip Line Experience

If You Ride the Soaring Eagle Zip Line

The Soaring Eagle Zip Line is located in Pioneer Park, 1101 Indianapolis Road, Mooresville, Indiana. Riders must be 42 inches to ride, and maximum combined weight is 450 pounds. The zip line is open spring through fall. Check the website for exact dates and hours.


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Soaring Eagle Zip Line


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