NEKZ: The Warm and Fashionable Alternative to a Scarf

NEKZ: The Warm and Fashionable Alternative to a Scarf

1501_NEKZ-4083I am a scarf person. Not the silky kind of scarf that you wear to dress up an outfit, but rather, the knitted kind that puts a barrier between arctic winter temperatures and my skin. The problem is that most scarves are too bulky for comfort under a coat, and when worn on the outside of a coat, they get tangled in my purse handles or the camera strap that I often have around my neck. When I go in and out of buildings, as I often do while traveling, and I take off my coat, I have to stuff the scarf in a coat sleeve. I recently received a NEKZTM, an alternative to a scarf, to try out, and I haven’t worn my scarf much since. The NEKZ keeps my neck warm but eliminates the scarf’s bulkiness.

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Just 21 inches long, the fleece or faux-fur NECZ wraps around the neck and fastens with a hook-and-loop type fastener. Designer Raquel Graham Crayton originally created the NEKZ for her children, who had the same scarf complaints as I did. When other moms saw the NEKZ, they wanted them for their children and for themselves, as well.

1501_NEKZ-4088Available in fashionable designs and colors to match your coat or outfit, when you remove your coat, you can leave the NEKZ on, if you’d like. Otherwise, it folds compact enough to easily fit into a pocket or a purse.

1501_NEKZ-4086Nekz designs are available for men, as well, in solid colors, handsome plaids and camouflage.

Nekz, made in Chicago, are reasonably priced from $16 to $35. Check the web site to view available colors and patterns or to order.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary Nekz. However, all opinions are my own.

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