Unbelievable Customer Service at My Local Culver’s

Culvers in BourbonnaisI have never before written about a national chain fast food restaurant.* Culver’s, a mostly Midwest chain but popping up in pockets across the nation, falls into that category. However, after our latest visit to our local Culver’s, I can’t keep quiet any longer. I have to tell you about the most exemplary customer service I have ever had in any restaurant of any type, anywhere, and I’ve eaten in some high-end restaurants. I’m not talking about great customer service on one occasion; I mean wow treatment on every visit, from every staff member, at the Bourbonnais, Illinois, Culver’s.

If they aren’t swamped with customers, a staff member opens the door for you and greets you with a, “Welcome to Culver’s.” Behind the counter, no matter how busy, you get another “Welcome to Culver’s.” Service is always with a smile. Tell them thank you, and they don’t mumble “No problem” or even say “You’re welcome.” They reply with, “My pleasure.”

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Culver’s is one of those fast-food restaurants where you place your order at the counter, and if you’re dining in, they give you a numbered table tent to take to your seat. They bring your food to you. On our visit this week, the young woman who delivered our food not only confirmed which sandwiches we ordered, but read the entire list of condiments to ensure it was correct.

Staff members walk table to table asking if everything is okay and clearing trays if you’re finished eating, a rare occurrence in a fast food restaurant. I’ve even had them offer to refill a soft drink cup. They sometimes offer a sample of Culver’s flavor of the day frozen custard.

I’ve eaten at the Bourbonnais Culver’s approximately once a month over the few years they’ve been open. In all that time, there was only one error in my order. I had ordered grilled onions on my Butterburger, but the onions were raw instead. They not only fixed the error, but they insisted on giving me a pint of frozen custard to take home. I felt guilty accepting it for such a trivial error, but I appreciated it.

When you’re leaving Culver’s, more often than not, someone opens the door for you once again and thanks you for visiting. Even if there is no one at the door, someone yells “Thank you” and wishes you a nice day.

I applaud every staff member at the Bourbonnais, Illinois, Culver’s location, as well as whoever trains them. The consistent extraordinary customer service, a rarity in most fast food restaurants, doesn’t go unnoticed, and it is my pleasure to spread the word.

Culver’s Bourbonnais location is 983 Convent Street. Culver’s is known for their Butterburgers and Fresh Frozen Custard, but offers many more menu options, as well.

Do you have a local restaurant that consistently delivers wow customer service? Share your experience in the Comments below.

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*As part of my Wise Choices series, I will occasionally highlight lighter menu options in various regional or national chains, since most of us dine at them now and then while traveling.

One thought on “Unbelievable Customer Service at My Local Culver’s

  • April 18, 2020 at 12:15 am

    We have similar service experience here at our local Maricopa, AZ Culvers. They are our go-to fast food place now. We love the food and the service.


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