Oklahoma’s Charlie’s Chicken and Barbeque Offers Rotisserie Chicken as Alternative to Fried

Driving Route 66 through Miami, Oklahoma, looking for someplace to eat a late dinner, we stumbled across Charlie’s Chicken and Barbeque.

Charlies Chicken-3075Charlies Chicken-3071Barbecue is my favorite cuisine, but we’d already eaten several barbecue meals on the trip. Chicken would hit the spot. However, I’d been doing real well in keeping my calorie count down, and I really didn’t want to blow it with fried chicken. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Charlie’s Chicken and Barbeque offers rotisserie chicken as an alternative to fried.

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White meat is leaner than dark meat, but dark meat is my taste preference, so I went with the two-piece dark meat rotisserie dinner served with two sides and a dinner roll. Skip ordered the same but with white meat. I ordered mashed potatoes without gravy and corn on the cob for my two sides; Skip, who is not counting calories, had mashed potatoes with gravy and baked beans.

Charlies Chicken-194451Removing the skin from my chicken reduced the calories by about a third. I found the corn and roll both sweet and tasty enough without added butter. The chicken dinner satisfied my taste buds while keeping my calorie consumption within my target range.

Charlie’s Chicken is a regional Oklahoma franchise chain. Not all of them offer barbecue. Sides range from the healthier, like green beans, to not-as-healthy but tempting mac ‘n cheese and fried potato wedges. The Charlie’s Chicken and Barbeque that we visited is located at 2400 N Main Street in Miami, Oklahoma. Visit their Facebook page for further details.


  • Removing the skin from chicken cuts fat and calories tremendously no matter how the chicken is prepared, but even more so with fried. However, some complain the skin is the best part. When I have fried chicken I eat just a little of the breading to satisfy my taste buds and leave the rest.
  • If you have a big preference of a less healthy item over a healthier option, like my preference of dark meat over white, go for it but make up for it by ordering healthier sides.
  • Taste your sides before adding butter and salt. You may find they taste fine as they are.


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