New: Midwest Wanderer Explores E-zine

We’re excited to announce we’ve published the first issue of our FREE e-zine, Midwest Wanderer Explores.

The focus of the first issue, which you can read right now, is Alabama’s Coastal Connection National Scenic Byway. We share with you our month-long experience on the byway and all of the fascinating things we learned, like…

  • the rare phenomenon that occurs in only two places in the world, and one of those places is the eastern shore of Mobile Bay. When it happens, people can easily gather all the flounder and crab they care to.
  • how Carnival began. Did you know that Mobile is the birthplace of Mardi Gras in the United States?
  • how one of Alabama’s largest cities became a ghost town, and what you’ll see there today.
  • and so much more.

Click the image below or choose the “Current Issue” from above to view the first issue of Midwest Wanderer Explores.

Cover image for e-zine Midwest Wanderer Explores

The current issue includes eight full-length articles that cover the above topics and more. Enjoy!

We’d love your feedback on our Midwest Wanderer Explores concept. Please post a comment in article Comments or drop us an email at

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