Missouri Hick: A tasty barbecue restaurant on Route 66

Every time I eat at Missouri Hick Bar B Que I have to do a taste test of all six sauces.  The winner is always Sweet n Smoky, but I still have to try Original, Honey, Spicy Sweet, Spicy and Smoky anyway.  Not too much sauce, though.  I don’t want to drown out the wild cherry smoked flavor of the meats.

Missouri Hick

A couple of years ago we discovered Missouri HIck Bar B Que about 60 miles west of St. Louis on historic U.S. Route 66 and liked it so well we now make it a regular stop when driving through that area anywhere close to a meal time. Besides the barbecue restaurant standard pulled pork and brisket, you can get turkey, chicken, bison, and on Fridays prime rib, all with a southern smoky flavor that enhances any meat.  On my first visit I tried the Ory’s Spud, just because it was different and an all-in-one meal.  A giant baked potato is stuffed with baked beans, barbeque pork, cheddar and Monterey jack cheeses, bacon and chives.  Yum.

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The food is king here but the décor makes it even more fun with a corrugated metal ceiling, inverted tin pails-turned-lamps over the tables and old tools and other rustic memorabilia hanging all over the walls.  And of course, its location along Route 66 adds to the fun.

If You Visit Missouri Hick Bar B Que

Missouri Hick Bar B Que is located at 913 E Washington Street in Cuba, Missouri.  You won’t miss it if you’re traveling Route 66.  If you’re traveling I-44, watch for the signs. Check the website for the menu and other details.

Huge Rocking Chair

Just down the street from Missouri Hick, see what for a long time was the world’s largest rocking chair. It sets in front of the Fanning 66 Outpost at 5957 Hwy ZZ in Cuba.  The chair is over 42 feet tall and more than 20 feet wide.  While driving through Cuba, notice the many historic-themed murals that line the Route 66 corridor, which have earned Cuba the nickname “Mural City.”
(Editor’s note: Since this writing, another rocking chair has taken over the “world’s largest” title, but the Cuba chair is still quite an attraction.)

Large rocking chair


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