Pit Stop Barbecue and Grill: Best Barbecue North of the Mason-Dixon Line

Barbecue is one of my favorite foods, really good barbecue, that is. The pork, beef or chicken has to be smoked slowly for hours over hickory, mesquite or other wood that adds a smoky flavor. The smoked meat must be juicy, not dry. I have found some great barbecue restaurants in the South, but they are a rare find north of the Mason-Dixon Line and east of the Mississippi River.  So I was thrilled when we discovered Pit Stop Barbecue and Grill in Brownsburg, Indiana.

Pit Stop Barbecue and Grill

Pit Stop Barbecue and Grill History

Harold Cottongim first went into the barbecue business in 1961. Fifty-five years and several businesses later, Harold is still at it. He co-owns the Pit Stop Barbecue and Grill with his son Eric. Eric’s interests lie both in the car racing and in the restaurant business. He had catered at Indianapolis Raceway Park (now Lucas Oil Raceway) for over 25 years. It isn’t surprising, therefore, that Pit Stop Barbecue and Grill, located down the street from the Lucas Oil Raceway, has a racing theme.

Harold Cottongim, Pit Stop Barbecue and Grill
Harold Cottongim with the author

Pit Stop Barbecue and Grill Food

I wanted to try as many different meats as possible, so Skip and I split the four meat combination platter. We chose ribs, beef brisket, pulled pork and smoked sausage. The only meat we didn’t try was the chicken. For sides we opted for the BBQ baked beans plus macaroni and cheese. The meal is also served with Texas toast, and we started with a house salad.

house saladEvery one of the meats was perfectly done: smoky, juicy and flavorful. The sides turned out to be great choices, as well.

Pit Stop Barbecue and Grill four-meat combination platterAnother dish the restaurant is known for is Frank & Mary’s Original Recipe Catfish. For 66 years Frank and Mary’s Catfish House was a tradition in nearby Pittsboro, Indiana. Pit Stop Barbecue and Grill continues the tradition using Frank and Mary’s recipe. Harold insisted we try the catfish and had some brought to our table. The fish is served on the bone, not filleted.  Unfortunately, we finished it before I even thought to take a picture! I’m usually not much of a catfish eater, but this was tender and much milder than other catfish I’ve had. I admit I really enjoyed it.

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Already full from all I had eaten, Harold encouraged us to try the cobbler. How could I turn down the warm berries contrasting with cold vanilla ice cream? It’s one of my favorites. Pit Stop Barbecue and Grill changes the cobbler flavor weekly.

Pit Stop Barbecue and Grill cobblerI admit I overate at that meal but enjoyed every bite of it. More so, I was thrilled to discover that great barbecue is working its way north.

If you go

Pit Stop Barbecue and Grill, located at 932 E Main Street in Brownsburg, Indiana, is open Monday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.  Check the website for the full menu and other details.

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Disclosures: My visit to Pit Stop Barbecue and Grill was hosted by the restaurant and Visit Hendricks County. Our meal was complimentary; however, all opinions in this article are my own.
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2 thoughts on “Pit Stop Barbecue and Grill: Best Barbecue North of the Mason-Dixon Line

  • July 28, 2016 at 12:31 pm

    The sauce! The sauce! You didn’t mention anything about the sauce! Was there a sauce? It all sounds amazingly scrumptious to be sure, but this Carolina barbecue sauce lover wants to know about the sauce! 🙂

    • July 28, 2016 at 4:11 pm

      Thanks for the information on the Pit Stop, a couple we run with had mentioned it as a likely new place for us to try, just before we left on the 5th of July,for Vacationing in Colorado, and Yellowstone, plus the drive through the Big Horn Mountains, on route 14A.We just got back yesterday the 28th and will more than likely go to Brownsburg Friday evening for dinner. Our daughter’s family & OUR two Young Great- Grand Daughters live in Greeley CO.
      Again we thank you and let you know we always read your E-mails. One of your recent ones was Richardsons Farm, Casey Ill. We concur with your judgement on them. We are nearly 2 Hrs. from there but have been there several times in the last 10 yrs.
      Jim and Marilyn


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