Pitch & Putt Golf in Pulaski County, Missouri

I am not a golfer. My total lifetime golf experience is: Participation in a “best ball” tournament, in which my ball was never best; a 15-minute lesson this spring at Pheasant Run Resort; a few trips to the driving range; and a whole lot of mini golf. So when we were offered the chance play pitch & putt golf at the Saint Robert Municipal Golf Course in Pulaski County, Missouri, of course I said yes. I never miss a chance to embarrass myself for the sake of the blog.

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How pitch & putt golf compares with regular golf

Pitch & putt golf is played on a course similar to a regular golf course. However, the fairways are a lot shorter. A regular golf game takes four to five hours to complete. A pitch & putt course is supposed to take 1.25 to 1.50 hours to complete 18 holes. Supposed to

What is unique about Saint Robert Municipal Golf Course

The Saint Robert Municipal Golf Course is the only course in the Midwest on which all of the greens are artificial turf.

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Our experience at pitch & putt golf

I was a little apprehensive about going out on a golf course. I imagined all these golfers shaking their heads at my playing, or my having to stop to let real golfers play through. As it turned out, my apprehension was for naught. Since we played on a weekday, most people were likely at work. It was also over 90 degrees that day with humidity that made the heat index close to 100 degrees. Therefore, even people who weren’t working were sensible enough to stay off the golf course. Except us.

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My golfing hasn’t improved

I can hit a golf ball straight—I do have that going for me. My problem is the ball doesn’t go very far…and many are grounders. Skip hits the ball far, but it tends to veer off to the right. So between having to hit the ball umpteen times to get to the green and looking for balls that ended up in clumps of trees or weeds, I was glad there were no other golfers on the course that morning.

I don’t have experience on grass putting greens to compare with the artificial turf greens, but it felt to me somewhat like playing mini golf. I would putt the ball near the hole…then the ball would roll…and roll…and roll…away from the hole. Because it was taking me so many strokes to make the holes, I stopped counting after the first one.

It took us about two hours to complete nine holes. That’s more than double what it would take a seasoned golfer. Let me tell you how grateful I was for that 90+ degree day that kept the real golfers away.

If you go to Saint Robert Municipal Golf Course

The Saint Robert Municipal Golf Course is located on Duffer Drive, adjacent to the Saint Robert, Missouri, Municipal Center. The course has nine holes, but you can play through twice to completely 18 holes. Check the website for hours, equipment rental information, and other details.


We stayed at the Baymont Inn during our visit to Pulaski County. (Check rates here.)

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Pitch and Putt Golf

The Pulaski County Tourism Bureau hosted our Pitch & Putt golf experience. Our course fees were complimentary, However, all opinions in this article are my own.

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