Shop the South Bend Farmers Market Year Round

By October most farmers markets are fizzling out for the season. Once the pumpkins and squash are gone, the fall breeze turns to winter wind, and the vendors leave for the winter. Not so in South Bend, where the market is open year-round.

Market exterior

The South Bend Farmers Market began over a century ago and has been at its current location since 1928.

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We visited the market in July, at the beginning of harvest season, when vegetables and fruits were plentiful and varied.

Veggies at South Bend Farmers Market

Fruit at South Bend Farmers Market

How I wished I was going directly home, or that I’d brought a cooler with me. I would have purchased so much more than the multi-colored carrots that I couldn’t pass up.

carrots raw

The steamed carrots made such a colorful but simple side dish.

Carrots cooked

Besides produce, you can buy everything from fresh flowers, meats, pasta, pastries and dairy products to handmade jewelry, leather goods, antiques and wine at the market, one of the largest indoor markets in the Midwest.


Canned goods

Over 60 vendors set up shop in the indoor market every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. It’s also open on Fridays from May through September.

There is even a café in the market that serves breakfast and lunch using seasonal produce, meat and cheese from the market. We should have stopped for breakfast first thing when we got there in the early morning when it wasn’t so busy. As it was, we had an appointment to get to after the market, and by the time we were going to eat, there was a line waiting to be seated. Obviously, the food must be good to have wait lines.

Cafe sign

I’m anxious to go back to the South Bend Farmers Market. The next time I’m anywhere near South Bend on a day the market is open, I’m going to make a point of detouring and making a stop. This time I’ll come prepared with a cooler.

The South Bend Farmers Market is located at 1105 Northside Boulevard in South Bend, Indiana. Check the web site to find out which products are available when, a vendor list, the café menu and special events.

Disclosure: My visit to South Bend was hosted by Visit South Bend, but any opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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