Lincoln Pops Up in the Most Unexpected Places

Lincoln Pops Up in the Most Unexpected Places

You expect to find Abraham Lincoln sites all over Illinois, and I have. Of course, they’re ubiquitous in Springfield, his home for 24 years, including the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum and the Lincoln Home.

Me_with_first_familyLincoln's homeAnd then there’s Vandalia, the state capital prior to Springfield and the oldest existing Illinois capitol building.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERADecatur was his first Illinois home, and he lived in West Salem prior to Springfield.

Lincoln statueAs a lawyer, Lincoln rode all over the 8th Judicial Circuit, and there are commemorative sites throughout Central Illinois where Lincoln stayed, spoke and worked. The Museum of the Grand Prairie captures Lincoln Travels through the area.

Lincoln_buggyI’ve searched out many of these places, which are often part of the Illinois Looking for Lincoln Heritage Coalition.

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There are plenty of Lincoln sites outside of Illinois, too, like his birthplace and First Lincoln Memorial in Kentucky, his Indiana boyhood home, and of course, his place of honor on Mount Rushmore.

Lincoln_memorial_KYLincoln Cabin, IndianaMt Rushmore 11Occasionally, however, Lincoln pops up where you least expect him. We found him recently in Beloit, Wisconsin. Skip and I were browsing the shops in the downtown area when we wandered past this building and noticed the plaque commemorating Lincoln’s 1859 visit.

1502_Lincoln_in_Beloit-4104 1502_Lincoln_in_Beloit-4096In what unexpected place have you found a Lincoln site? Let me know in the comments below.

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Tour the Lincoln Home for a Peek at President’s Private Life, Springfield Illinois

Tour the Lincoln Home for a Peek at President’s Private Life, Springfield Illinois

Abraham Lincoln lived in a log cabin at the start of his life and in the White House at the end of his life.  Between the two extremes, he and his family lived in a typical home in Springfield, Illinois, for seventeen years, a home that started out a modest size and was expanded as the family grew and Lincoln’s law business flourished.  Today you can tour the home, which  includes several of the Lincolns’ possessions.

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