Kicks on Route 66

Kicks on Route 66

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Beyond the Midwest: National Route 66 Museum, Elk City, Oklahoma

Beyond the Midwest: National Route 66 Museum, Elk City, Oklahoma

We expected to see the National Route 66 Museum. What we got were four museums in one:

  • National Route 66 Museum
  • National Transportation Museum
  • Old Town Museum
  • Farm & Ranch Museum

The National Transportation Museum keeps to the nostalgic Route 66 theme. Here you’ll find vintage cars cut in half. Slide behind the wheel or in the back seat and watch classic movie trailers at a Route 66 Drive-In theater.

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A vintage trailer, motorcycles and an airplane are displayed, as is a 1917 fire engine complete next to a fireman’s pole. I was tempted to slide down the pole until Skip reminded me that I’m still getting over an ankle injury.

vintage rv trailerTrans museum - motorcycleAirplaneFire engineI’m not sure how the Popeye collection fits in with transportation, but it’s fun.

Popeye collectionPopeyeThe National Route 66 Museum was the highlight for us, as we followed the road from Chicago to California.

Chicago Theater signRoute 66Route 66 - 3Route 66 - 4Route 66 - 5Route 66 - 2The Old Town Museum is made up of several buildings, some facades and other full buildings that have been moved to the site.

Opera houseMove room to room in a Victorian home to see dioramas and displays of early-day western Oklahoma, Native American culture, military and rodeo history.

Dining roomBedroomrodeo museumI thought the old perm machine looked more like the woman was being electrocuted.

perm machineI’ve been to farm museums before, but the Farm and Ranch Museum includes displays I’ve never seen before, like a colorful tractor seat collection and a barbed wire collection.

tractor seatsbarbed wirewindmillWe spent over an hour in the complex but could have spent at least double that time to see everything. What a bargain at only $5 per person ($4 for seniors, AAA members and children 6-16; free for children 5 and under).

The National Route 66 Museum Complex is located at 2717 W Highway 66 in Elk City, Oklahoma. Check the web site for hours.

Photos by Skip Reed and Connie Reed

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