White Fence Farm, Romeoville IL: Popular Chicken Restaurant on Route 66

White Fence Farm has been serving diners since before Route 66 existed. Their famous chicken didn’t appear on the menu, however, until the mid-1950s, and over the past six decades, that’s what they’ve become known for: chicken that’s crispy on the outside, succulent on the inside. Not only has White Fence Farm grown in popularity, but the restaurant area itself has ballooned over the years, to twelve dining rooms and a seating capacity of over 1,000, plus a small museum.We’ve eaten at White Fence Farm a few times, and the chicken was always delicious. However, on our last visit a few weeks ago, I don’t know if I was exceptionally hungry or whether the chicken really tasted even better than usual. The chicken is breaded using a secret recipe, pressure cooked and then flash fried for just a few minutes. I’m getting ahead of myself, though.

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Before your entrée arrives, old-fashioned relishes are brought to your table, including bean salad, cole slaw, cottage cheese, pickled beets and warm corn fritters fresh from the fryer. Relishes are served family style, and you can request more of them throughout your meal.

Relishes served at White Fence FarmThe chicken is also served family-style. We each ordered the four-piece meal (with the intention of taking the leftovers home), and all eight pieces arrived on one platter. I assume if you order other entrees, which include steaks and fish, they are brought to you as individual servings.

White Fence Farm Chicken

While food—especially chicken—is, of course, the main attraction at White Fence Farm, the antiques and novelties throughout the restaurant are an interesting sideshow.

After being greeted by the giant chicken outside, you walk into a lobby with antiques scattered about. When we visited, the entire restaurant was festively decorated for Christmas.

Entrance of White Fence FarmChristmas decorated antiquesAnique cash registersA long corridor lined with old coin-operated rides like you’d see outside discount stores, antique bicycles mounted on the ceiling, and silly mirrors that contort your reflection leads to collections of antique and classic cars, figurines and other collectibles that you can view through a glass partition.

Coin-operated horsesCoin-operated motorcycleAntique bicycleHummels and car collectionWhether you’re exploring Route 66 or just traveling through Chicago’s southwest suburbs, I recommend White Fence Farm for a delicious an entertaining dining experience.

Route 66 signWhite Fence Farm, located along Route 66 at 1376 Joliet Road in Romeoville, Illinois, is open for dinner Tuesday through Saturday and lunch and dinner on Sunday. They are closed on Mondays. Check the web site for exact hours.

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