7 Tips for Driving Safely This Summer

Memorial Day is coming up, marking the beginning of the summer driving season. That means heavier traffic on the roads and greater potential for driving mishaps—or even tragedies. To help ensure you arrive at your destinations safely, follow these 7 tips for driving safely this summer from the Indiana State Police.  

Tips for Driving Safely

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Skip: Welcome to Midwest Wander. I’m Skip.

Connie: I’m Connie. Memorial Day weekend is coming up, kicking off the summer season, so many people will be taking to the roads.

Skip: AAA predicts that 37.6 million Americans will travel by car over the weekend. That’s a 3.6 percent increase from last year.

Connie: Understandably. It’s the first of the three major summer holidays. Who doesn’t wanna take advantage of the three-day weekend? Picnics, camping trips, or special events like the Indianapolis 500.

But you should leave race car driving to the professionals and drive safely. In fact, starting this week through June 2, state police and local law enforcement agencies are participating in the “Click-It or Ticket” campaign.

Skip: Here are some safety tips from the Indiana State Police.

  • Ensure you are well rested before driving. A fatigued driver is a dangerous driver.
  • Follow other vehicles at a safe distance. Tailgating is dangerous. You never know when someone ahead of you will have to stop suddenly.
  • Always utilize your turn signals when changing lanes and when turning.
  • Don’t drive in the left lane unless you’re actively passing or preparing to make a nearby left turn.
  • Avoid driving while distracted. Keep your eyes on the road. No texting while driving!
  • Ensure everyone is properly buckled up.
  • And of course, don’t drink and drive.

If you observe a possible impaired driver, contact 911 immediately. Be prepared to describe the vehicle, license plate number and travel route.

Connie: Please keep safety in mind this Memorial Day weekend and in all your travels, always.

Skip: I hope you’ve found this information helpful.

I’m Skip

Connie: I’m Connie

Skip:  Safe travels

Connie: Happy travels


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7 tips for Driving Safely This Summer

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