Midwest Wanderer Newsletter – July 1, 2022

Are we really starting the second half of 2022? Already? Time sure does fly when you’re having fun! And having fun, we are.

Matthiessen State Park near Utica, Illinois

We returned a few days ago from our first Coachmen RV Owners international rally. It was a week packed with fun games, good food, and wonderful camaraderie. We made several new friends that we look forward to seeing again next year.

The rally took place at the Elkhart County Fairgrounds and Campgrounds in Goshen, Indiana, home to the largest county fair in Indiana and one of the largest in the United States. (Read more about the Elkhart County Fair here.)

The campground is open to the public anytime other than during the fair or when they host other large events. It’s a great place to stay when exploring Indiana’s Amish country.

Exploring Amish Country

We were excited that the rally was held in northern Indiana’s Amish country. I’ve been wanting to return there to see this year’s Quilt Gardens Tour, the subject of this issue’s road trip. Read on to find out how they’ve made the Quilt Gardens Tour’s 15th anniversary special. Hint: Are you familiar with Seward Johnson?


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Not all those who wander are lost.

—J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

Featured Articles

Exploring World’s Only Quilt Gardens Tour

Follow the Amish Country Heritage Trail through northern Indiana, including popular tourist towns of Shipshewana and Middlebury, and you can follow the world’s only quilt gardens trail, as well. Most of the gardens are along the same trail. This year, to celebrate the Quilt Gardens Tour’s 15th anniversary, Seward Johnson bronze sculptures are paired with each garden. Some of the sculptures portray everyday life. Others represent iconic paintings in 3D form.

Read Exploring World’s Only Quilt Gardens Tour

10 Ways to Play in Peoria

Occasionally we come across a city that we can visit time and again and always find something new to do. One of those cities is Peoria, in central Illinois, and the surrounding communities. In this article, we share ten ways you can “play in Peoria.” (And, find out where the saying, “Will it play in Peoria?” originated.)

10 Ways to Play in Peoria

Mount Rushmore Symbolism

Have you ever wondered how the four U.S. presidents whose likenesses are carved into Mount Rushmore were chosen? Washington (first president) and Lincoln (preserved the union and his strong conviction against slavery) are obvious. But why Jefferson? And why Theodore Roosevelt? Learn why the Mount Rushmore presidents were chosen.

I visited Mount Rushmore at sunrise. It’s amazing how the coloring on the mountain changes as the sun comes up.

Mount Rushmore at Sunrise

Have You Seen This?

Blue Whale of Catoosa

Blue Whale of Catoosa
If you’ve driven Historic Route 66 through Catoosa, Oklahoma, you’ve most likely seen the Blue Whale of Catoosa. Hugh Davis built what has become an iconic Route 66 roadside attraction as a 34th anniversary gift to his wife in 1972.

Midwest Festivals and Fairs

Summer in the Midwest is outdoor celebration time. From county and state fairs to ethnic festivals to art fairs and every kind of food-fair imaginable, we embrace and celebrate it. Wondering what’s going on near you or in a state you plan to visit? Find out by following the Midwest state tourism events links here:

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