Why We Rent Hertz Local Edition Cars for Road Trips

When we travel we almost always drive. If our destination is more than a couple of hours from home we rent a car from Hertz Local Edition rather than drive our own. Here’s why:

Hertz rantal car

Keep miles off our car. We keep the miles off of our car, saving wear and tear, extending our own car’s longevity.

Gas savings. Our own vehicle gets about 23 miles per gallon. We rent compact to mid-size cars that get at least 35 mpg and have gotten over 40 mpg with some rental cars. We use the more expensive mid-grade gasoline in our own vehicle but regular unleaded in rentals. The more miles we drive, the more the gas savings offsets the rental cost.

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Fewer worries in case of car trouble. We rent cars at least 15 times a year. Over the past three years, we’ve had mechanical trouble only once. We were able to swap the car at the rental agency at the next city. Within a half hour we were back on the road again. If we had mechanical with our own vehicle, we would have had to cancel our trip or find a mechanic to fix the problem. We would have lost far more time than a half hour.

We can try out different cars. Driving a car for a longer distance than we would in a test drive at a dealership gives us an opportunity to become familiar with the car. Since we often rent different makes and models, we give the vehicle the ultimate test, driving it for a full weekend or longer. When we’re ready to buy a new car, we know which ones we like and dislike.

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Convenience. We always rent from our Hertz Local Edition located just a couple of miles from home. If needed, Hertz employees may be able to pick you up from home or drop you back when you return the car. They also know our likes and dislikes and do their best to accommodate us.

Free Gold Plus Rewards. As Hertz Gold Plus Rewards members, we have the option of earning points toward free future car rentals or applying the rewards to other frequent flyer programs. In addition, a spouse can drive the car with no added fee. Rent frequently, and benefits increase.

AAA Discount. As American Automobile Association members, we always save 10% off of our rental, but more often than not additional discounts apply, too. Discounts are listed right on the Hertz site, so you can choose the discount that fits your needs.

Renting a car for trips has become the norm for us. With the savings and convenience we get from our Hertz Local Edition, it doesn’t pay for us to take our own vehicle on trips farther than a couple of hours away.

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