Horseback Riding in the Rain at Natural Valley Ranch

I’m all for trying new adventures.  Horseback riding isn’t new for me, but I’m still a greenhorn, having only been riding once before in my lifetime.  So when the opportunity came up for me to ride the trails at the Natural Valley Ranch near Brownsburg, Indiana, of course I accepted.

Natural Valley Ranch

The day was on-again, off-again threatening rain.  The forecast was 50% chance of thunderstorms, but we made it through the morning without rain.  So at our 2:00 reservation time we showed up at the ranch for the ride.

Ranch owner Marie saddled up our horses; mine was named Heidi.  Marie helped me on, and set me at ease with instructions on how to “steer” Heidi.  And away we rode into the woods with Marie in the lead, a few grey clouds overhead.  I was feeling comfortable on Heidi, much more comfortable than on my first horseback riding experience.

Several minutes into the ride I felt the drip, drip of raindrops.  Marie asked whether I was okay with continuing, and I agreed.  It was refreshing, the cool light rain and the smell of the damp woods.  Then the skies opened into a torrential downpour.  By the time we got back to the barn, we were all soaked head to toe, as though we had plunged into a lake.  But what an adventure it was.

If you visit Natural Valley Ranch

Natural Valley Ranch is family-owned and the only horse ranch open to the public in Hendricks County, about 20 miles west of Indianapolis.  Fifty acres of trails run through the ranch property, and guests can choose from 30, 60 or 90 minute guided rides.  The ranch is also available for private parties, including arena horse rides, bon fires and hay rides. Visit the website for further details.

Accommodations near Brownsburg: Check hotel rates and TripAdvisor reviews. 


Disclosures: Our visit to Hendricks County was hosted by Visit Hendricks County. However, any opinions in this article are my own.
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