Charles Lindbergh House and Museum: Childhood Antics

Aviator Charles Lindbergh gained his fame as the first person to successfully complete a solo transatlantic flight. The Charles Lindbergh Museum in Little Falls, Minnesota, chronicles his life and career with exhibits and films. On a tour of the adjacent Charles Lindbergh House, however, visitors are treated to stories of his childhood and many of his boyhood antics.

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Human on a Stick: Minneapolis Segway Tour

Human on a Stick: Minneapolis Segway Tour

I always find a walking history tour of a city fascinating, but I discovered that taking a Segway history tour is a blast! We did exactly that in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on the Minneapolis Segway Tour – Human on a Stick Magical History Tour. Gliding through the Minneapolis Riverfront area, we stopped at several key sites, where our knowledgeable guides filled us in on the historical significance of them. Read more