Bowers Harbor Inn, Traverse City: Two Restaurants and a Ghost

Bowers Harbor Inn, Traverse City: Two Restaurants and a Ghost

Bowers Harbor Inn, built in the 1880s on Traverse City, Michigan’s, Old Mission Peninsula, was the summer home of Chicago lumber baron J.W. Stickney and his wife Genevive. Today the building houses the Jolly Pumpkin, a casual restaurant and brewery, and Mission Table, an upscale restaurant. However, even though the property has passed through several hands since the Stickney’s owned it, some say Genevive hasn’t left.

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The Little Fleet, Traverse City MI: Food Truck Bliss

The Little Fleet, Traverse City MI: Food Truck Bliss

Never before had I experienced a food truck. I’d read about them, sure, trucks that pop up around town offering the latest in gourmet gastronomy, but they don’t exist in my neck of the woods. So when my husband and I stumbled across not one, not two, but seven, trucks all parked in one lot—and it just happened to be lunchtime—I was elated. The Little Fleet is a bar in Traverse City, Michigan, and in their parking lot, spring through fall, up to eight food trucks set up business selling tasty, trendy fare.

Food trucks 1

Many of food trucks parked at The Little Fleet offer classic foods taken to a new level, like EZ Cheesy, where a grilled cheese sandwich ranges from the Throwback (Velveeta on classic white bread ) to Captain Sunshine (turkey, sauerkraut, house-made raisin dressing, and Swiss on 9 Bean Rows pretzel bread).

If barbecue is your thing, you’ll like Pigs Eatin’ Ribs, which touts itself as “northern Michigan’s only rolling smokehouse,” with a smoker built right into the truck.

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Toasted, like several of the other vendors, uses as many locally sourced ingredients as possible. They offer brunch items like Belgian waffles topped with fresh fruit or an egg and chorizo burrito. I chose one of their non-brunch items, a brisket burrito–a warm tortilla filled with barbecued beef brisket, potatoes and cheese.

Skip went for the Anchor Burger from the Anchor Station.


We purchased beverages from the bar and sat outside at a picnic table to enjoy our lunch.

The Little Fleet Exterior

The food trucks parked at The Little Fleet, located at 448 E Front Street in Traverse City, Michigan. set their own hours. Check The Little Fleet’s web site for links to individual food truck sites or Facebook pages.

Disclosure:  My visit to Traverse City was hosted by Traverse City Tourism, but lunch at The Little Fleet was on my own. Any opinions expressed in this post are strictly mine.

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